Thursday, December 13, 2007

Local stores carrying Evenflo glass bottles!

Viki Christensen, owner of "The Green House" in Potsdam has responded to my email about stocking Biphenal A (BPA)-free glass baby bottles!
"We have heard that plastic baby bottles are not healthy. Nate did sell Born Free baby bottles at The Green House, but we haven't had any demand for bottles of any sort. I have ordered Evenflo glass bottles so we will have a stock of 6 sets of 3 in 4 oz. and 8 oz. size, along with 6 sets of 3 medium flow nipples. I will also remove the Phillips Avent bottles (#7 plastic) from our website as soon as possible!" The Green House also carries several other eco-friendly baby supplies - check them out online!

Our local Walgreens is also stocking BTA-free Enenflo glass bottles for only $2.49 a bottle!

GreentoGrow is selling Biphenal A free and Phthalate-free baby bottles and is also an excellent website for the latest information on toxic plastics.

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