Monday, December 17, 2007

New York's Safe Children's Products Campaign


The JustGreen Partnership (Working for Environmental Health and Justice for New York's People and Communities) is working with legislative champions to develop a Child-safe Products Act to be introduced in and passed through both houses of the New York State Legislature and signed into law in 2008. This bill should contain the following policy elements:
  1. Dates certain for phase-out of toxic chemicals from children’s products and by which substitution of safer chemicals or processes is required.
  2. Safety labeling for all products stating that they are in compliance with the law (i.e., do not contain the law’s identified chemicals), and warning labels for all products that are not (i.e., contain toxic ingredients). (bilingual)
  3. Support for an independent, third-party certification program such as GreenSeal or LEED to verify claims.
  4. Regular inspection at the retail and importation level, funded by the Environmental Protection Fund.
  5. Penalties for non-compliance.
  6. Partial exemption from liability for retailers who require contents disclosure from their product suppliers.
  7. Technical Support and compliance assistance for businesses.
  8. Requiring the newly funded Pollution Prevention Institute to prioritize solutions for identified toxic chemicals and product categories.
  9. Authorization of participation in an Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse, to bring together research and data gathered on chemical hazards, alternatives, and initiatives for implementation of safer chemicals policies by the states into a single location, while establishing new data, research, dialogs and collaborations. Also funded through the Environmental Protection Fund.
Join the New York State "JustGreen Partnership" and take action today!

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