Sunday, December 16, 2007


Greenpeace Report from Toy Manufacturers:

Discovery Toys, US - does not use PVC in toys for children under three

Early Start, US - Does not use PVC, soft plastic is EVA. Has confirmed that
products continue to be PVC free

Evenflo, US - no longer makes any toys with PVC or phthalates

First Years, US - in 1999 began labeling their teethers PVC Free: contains no polyvinyl chloride or phthalates. No PVC is used for products intended for the mouth

Gerber US - claims that all of its products manufactured from 2000 are PVC-free, and that it will continue to be PVC-free. (Gerber continues to use #7 plastic containers for baby food products)

Lamaze Infant Development/Learning Curve - My First Fish Bowl, Fill & Spill, and Tub Frogs toys are still PVC. In 2003 it confirmed that three products do include small amounts of PVC but there is no PVC in any other products at Learning Curve

Playmobil (Germany) - Letter January 1999: ‘Since summer 1992 we totally stopped to use any PVC and softeners in our products – The only item still including PVC is the jumping net of our fire brigade item number 3881, due to the fact that there is no material alternative.’

Safety First (US) - (October 2000) claims to have eliminated PVC from all of its teethers, using EVA instead.

Sassy Products (US) - December 20 1998. Statement ‘Our plan is to find PVC alternatives for all our products by the end of the 2nd quarter. The 2 "in the mouth" products which contain PVC will be PVC free before the end of the 1st quarter.’ As of February 2003, Sassy says their only toy containing PVC (phthalate free) is ‘Who Loves Baby Photo Book’

Turner Toys (US) - July 1998. This independent toy manufacturer (wooden toys) has incorporated information about the problems of soft PVC toys into their website. They will use this information in an outreach to 1,500 toy buyers, manufacturers, and distributors.



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